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About Move More Often

Move More Often is an all-inclusive, online fitness community that provides convenient and accessible fitness solutions to individuals looking to increase their physical activity levels. My virtual personal training services are designed to help you reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home. Join my community and receive access to fitness and wellness blogs, support groups, and fun monthly challenges designed to get you to more often. Become a Mover today!


Get personalized online training from our certified personal trainer.  Our trainer will work with you one-on-one to create a customized fitness plan that fits your lifestyle, helps you achieve your fitness goals, and increases activity levels from the comfort of your home.


Meet Careen Joscelyn (She/Her)

Careen is a Registered Nurse, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFPA Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, and NASM - Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She is also a fitness enthusiast, marathoner, and supporting member of Albany Running Exchange (ARE) and Black Girls Run.  

In 2005, she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a group of progressive genetic diseases that cause blindness, and is peripherally blind as a result. In 2015 she became afflicted with a chronic pain condition, CRPS, that impacted her ability to move, resulting in a 40 pounds weight gain. Working with physical therapists, orthopedics, neurology, rheumatology, a dietitian, and pain management, she was able to lose the excess weight, became stronger, is now in remission from CRPS and is moving again. She was able to fulfill her bucket list goal of running a full marathon on October 8, 2023, with the help of USATF Certified Running Coach Dick Vincent.

 Careen understands what it is like to lose your independence and to be in severe chronic pain. Perhaps you do not have access to a gym or do not feel comfortable participating in a large class. Train with her from the comfort of your own home and take the classes you would love to try but designed specifically for you. Advancements in technology have caused us to become more sedentary, but let's use this technology to become more active. Give her a chance and she will help you to not only reach your fitness goals, but get you to move more often too. Click below for a free consultation!

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My Services

At Move More Often, we offer a variety of virtual fitness services to help you stay active from the comfort of your home.  Whether you're looking to improve your overall wellness, corporate wellness, cardio fitness, build muscle, strengthen your core, correct your posture, I can design a program that is fun and right for you. I also provide HIIT, Supersets, Circuit Training, Flexibility, Tread/Track, Mommy and Me, and Running Injury Prevention services as well. 

In addition, all members have access to wellness blogs, a support group, and fun monthly challenges designed to increase activity levels. Click on the area that you are interested in and book a session today!

Let me inspire you!

MaryBeth, NY

"Thank you so much for helping me improve my posture through exercises and postural mindfulness."
Women Who Run

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I am always happy to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me using the contact information below.
Move More Often LLC

418 Broadway Ste 4314
Albany, NY,  12207
Phone: 518-644-0636

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